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YADEA G5 Won The China Red Star Design Award


The 2019 China Red Star Design Award Ceremony was held on December 11, 2019 in Beijing. More than 40 Chinese and foreign experts from China, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom served as judges of the award. The winner products involved artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, and other high-precision industries, reflecting the deep integration of design and high-precision industries. YADEA G5, with its international style, stood out from many entries and won the prize.

The China Red Star Design Award has always been known as the “Oscar” of Chinese design field. It is a national, governmental public welfare award and is honored as “the only design award with international influence in China” by CCTV. By 2018, the award had attracted nearly 10,000 enterprises and over 60,000 products from 34 countries and regions including the United States, UK, France, Italy and Germany.

YADEA G5 Won The China Red Star Design Award

Before this, YADEA G5 had won the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). IDEA is as famous internationally as Red Dot and IF, and has had a great influence in the world since the 1990s.

As a leader in the electric two-wheeler industry, YADEA has been committed to independent innovation and improving product appearance and other aspects of design. At present, YADEA holds 32 invention patents, 257 utility models and 388 exterior designs in China, a total of 677 patents. YADEA has also worked strategically with several internationally renowned design companies such as KISKA, AMV Design and Boxer Design and Manufacturing Ltd. (Boxer) to develop high-end electric two-wheeler products. YADEA leads the industry in product design and independent development, and constantly enhances its product quality and brand image. This time, YADEA G5 winning the 2019 China Red Star Design Award, which not only demonstrates its strong design strength but also its unremitting efforts in pursuing product upgrading.

YADEA G5 Won The China Red Star Design Award

YADEA G5 adopts streamlined body design to add modern popular elements. The light body combining the square shape presents the texture of technology. The imported Beckers paint, PU800 baking technology and 9 spray processes make G5 always look as bright as new. Qimei 757 high quality ABS raw materials and thickened Kingfa PP plastic parts raw materials greatly improve G5’s appearance texture, making it more of an international high-quality product. The aluminum alloy handlebar and rear fork materials improve the aesthetic effect as well as the durability.

YADEA G5 has embedded headlight. The front and rear body is fitted with YADEA gene lights to integrate the YADEA brand into the model. The handlebar height, pedal size, and seat height are all properly designed. The black, white and gray color scheme delivers G5’s high-end temperament. This versatile and unique style differentiates YADEA G5 from the electric two-wheelers in the industry.

YADEA G5 Won The China Red Star Design Award

In 2018, YADEA G5 made a stunning appearance at EICMA, competing with BMW, Ducati and other international brands, and attracted much attention. YADEA G5 has greatly changed people’s inherent impression of electric two-wheelers and become popular among overseas media and users.

G5 receiving the 2019 China Red Star Design Award is not only an affirmation of the YADEA brand but also an invisible spur. In the future, YADEA will speed up technological innovation and development, continue to improve product design capabilities, bring users more happiness-centered products and services, and contribute more to the development of the electric two-wheeler industry.

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