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YADEA Smart G5 Challenges Precipitous Mountain Road


Earlier this year, YADEA’s high-end Li-ion scooter G5 debuted in Taiwan China, and YADEA invited the international movie star Van Diesel to be the spokesperson of G5, thus it attracted much attention worldwide. The high performance of G5 has changed the stereotype of domestic users towards an electric scooter. G5 can rival the fuel-powered motorcycles and challenge steep mountain roads. A female rider drove G5 to challenge the most precipitous road section of Chongqing’s Gele Mountain, which is known as the "Akina" in the motorcycle field. However, G5 easily conquered it, and its explosive power and overall control greatly surprised the female rider who has been used to riding big fuel motorcycles.


G5 has successfully passed CCC certification and obtained the certificate of conformity, which means that it can be registered to get an electric motorcycle license and enjoy every right on the road as a motor vehicle do.

G5’s battery pack weighs just 8.2kg and can be fully charged in just six hours with its efficient charger.

G5 uses the new-generation Panasonic 18650 lithium battery with a cruising range of up to 120km, which can work normally between -20℃ and 55℃. The battery pack has a cycle life of 700-800 times, and a single piece of battery can support a total mileage of 80,000km.

The battery pack adopts Panasonic high standard PACK technology, resistant to impact and high temperature. The smart BMS monitors and controls the battery state at all times. Its key components are provided by international brands such as Texas Instruments, Atmel and STMicroelectronics and so on, providing comprehensive guarantee for the battery. 


The domestic edition G5 adopts 1200W GTR3.0 high-performance broadband motor and an 18-tube FOC controller with conversion efficiency up to 95%. The comprehensive maximum torque is 120N·m, with a waterproof grade of IP57. The top speed is close to 80km/h.

A good vehicle should run fast as well as brake effectively. G5 has 220mm disc brakes at both the front and back, with opposite piston calipers to provide adequate braking force. The measured braking distance at the speed of 20km/h is about 2 meters.

G5’s tire adopts Cheng Shin self-support technology with tire pressure monitoring function. The tire can still run 40 kilometers at a speed of less than 30km/h when it losses all pressure.


G5 adopts a 7-inch VA negative display LCD instrument, which automatically adjusts brightness and shows clear information.

LED lights are standard equipment. It uses high quality UV-resistant PC parts for headlight, which make the headlights more wear-resistant and transparent.

G5 is equipped with BDS +GPS+GLONASS positioning systems to locate the vehicle at any time through the APP. It can also set an electronic fence for the vehicle through the mobile phone, which will immediately give an alarm when the vehicle is moved beyond the set location. In addition, it can also record the daily riding track and make intelligent planning for your travel.

The high standard materials and process also highlight the vehicle: the body adopts high-quality cold-rolled structural steel frame, high-precision welding and double-bore process with 47 working procedures, combined protection of electrophoresis and spraying plastics, as well as 90% of waterproofness resulted from wrapped sealing.

The vehicle shell is made of Chimei 757 high-quality ABS raw material and thickened Kingfa PP plastic material, which is flexible and impact resistant. Meanwhile, the shell is finished with Beckers paint, using PU800 baking process and going through 9 abrasive blasting procedures. After 800 hours of Xenon-Arc Weathering, the paint surface can keep bright and clean as new after 3 years.

The shock absorption system is of the same standard as the motorcycle, which adopts high quality carbon steel spring with ultra-long absorber travel, providing enough comfort.

The aluminum alloy handlebar and rear flat fork work as normal as usual when the vehicle go through one million times of continuous vibration with a load of 155kg.


YADEA G5, the supercar of the EV industry, is highlighted not only by its exquisite materials and reliable craftsmanship, but also by its advanced technology and good comprehensive performance, which perfectly demonstrates YADEA’s idea: it has everything you want.(This edition is for domestic sale.)

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