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YADEA T6 Platinum Edition Releases Your Vitality


No matter to show off in the bustling street, to sprinkle with sweat in the sports field, or have a trip with friends, YADEA T6 platinum edition is there ready for all your needs. The extraordinary platinum edition T6 makes your riding special and inspires you to release your vitality.

Unique and comfortable design differentiates your riding.

T6 platinum edition is provided with the gene lights of YADEA design patent, the light range of LED gene headlamp is longer to ensure safe night riding. YADEA logo is integrated into the headlamp to look unique and eye-catching. YADEA gene taillight has better transparent effect. The headlamp goes well with the angular body, which makes the entire electric motorcycle look unique and dazzling.

T6 platinum edition has a 670mm long saddle and 360mm extended pedal span. The comfortable and spacious cushion brings unrestrained riding experience, and the extended pedal span can easily hold a basketball, football or other sports equipment.

In addition to the large comfortable space, T6 platinum edition has a wide and comfortable handlebar, a practical hook, a front storage slot (for storing big water cup and mobile phone), and a USB charging port. With such versatile and considerate designs, the rider can freely travel around.

Safe and secure riding

T6 platinum edition has three security protection measures: the first is the secure main support lock, which is an anti-theft lock and works as a hidden safe to ensure the safety of e-vehicle; the second is the short-circuit preventive charging system, which prevents short circuits and touch by mistake, and ensures safer charging; the third is the waterproof plug-in components, which ensures that the parts will not be damaged even traveling on rainy days. All these three protection measures have built a solid safety guarantee to eliminate your security concerns.

In addition, YADEA T6 platinum edition adopts front disc and rear drum brakes, with excellent braking performance, greatly shortening the braking distance and improving parking stability. The adjustable rear hydraulic shock absorber can freely adjust shock damping to reduce vibration on rugged road.  

Apart from ensuring the overall safety, T6 platinum edition carries a 800W GTR broadband motor and a 12-tube vector controller, which allows smooth starting and acceleration and strong gradeability.

YADEA T6 platinum edition is characterized by strong power and reliable security, allowing you to release your vitality. As a member of the platinum edition, it adopts a higher quality parts, more scientific layout structure, more advanced manufacturing technology, and stricter inspection standards, which demonstrates extraordinary internal and external strengths of YADEA platinum edition.

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