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YADEA G5 High-End Smart Electric Scooter


Technological progress has always been the primary driving force for the development of human society, which has been proved by the great improvement of social production efficiency in the past several industrial revolutions. Moreover, with the gradual advent of the Internet of Things, as a representative of green transportation tools, electric vehicles are evolving towards an generally intelligent trend.

As a global leader in the electric two-wheeler industry, a listed electric two-wheeler manufacturer, YADEA promotes the industry development, driving the industry towards connectivity, intelligence, and interaction. YADEA has achieved a high brand recognition, and its products are widely sold in the world-- YADEA electric two wheelers are positioned to be high-end products that bring users happiness, and are exported to 77 countries including United States, Germany, etc. In 2018, YADEA achieved the global sales of more than 5 million units.

In November 2018, YADEA’s high-end electric scooter G5 first appeared in the European market (at EICMA), competing with top brands such as Ducati, Harley-Davidson and BMW. It attracted wide attention and was reported by Reuters, Yahoo Finance and many other overseas media. As a representative of "high-end smart lithium battery scooter" category YADEA creates, G5 draws on the advantages of the world's top suppliers in performance configuration, design process, safety framework and other aspects, delivering the best user experience.

G5 takes on a simple and generous body line, sporty and stylish. The appearance features Beckers baking finish, a Bayer UR resistant PC headlamp shell, and a tough cold-rolled steel welded frame. The overall structure combines both aesthetic and quality characteristics. 

Each of YADEA’s high-end electric two wheelers goes through at least 28 times of spray coating, 1000-level dust-free workshop baking finish, 6,000 kilometers of road test, and a million times of vibration tests. Compared with other scooter of same type, G5’s cold-rolled steel integrated frame, S-grade hydraulic damper, as well as front and rear disc brakes (double pump caliper), ensures its stability and comfort while outperforming most e-scooters on the market in terms of acceleration, handling and flexibility.

The 7-inch HD VA LCD instrument has built-in photosensitive function, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment. From day to night, the scooter status information is clearly seen.

The battery is placed under the pedal, a simple, generous, convenient layout without losing fashion sense, besides, there is enough storage space. The battery pack of the same size is optional with 60V26Ah and 60V32Ah lithium battery sets.

Electric two-wheelers generally have no storage function because of the battery under the seat bucket. However, G5’s battery is wisely designed at the foot pedal, the storage space under the seat is large (26L) enough to contain a full-face helmet.

G5’s battery adopts the new generation Panasonic 18650 power cell ( the same level as Tesla) and is integrated with Panasonic-certified battery PACK technology and a BMS. The standard battery pack weighs only 8.4kg, has a cycle life of 800 times and a maximum cruising range of 120km. In addition, it is driven by the GTR3.0 high-performance broadband motor independently developed by YADEA, with a maximum output of 2.1KW. Combined with a FOC, the scooter has created the advantages of strong power, long cruising range, high energy efficiency and a long service life, which allows the users to enjoy a stable riding experience during continuous acceleration.

G5 uses LED lighting. The headlamp is at a low position, which is conducive to riding in the night.

The highly elastic polyurethane foam saddle is comfortable, which can relieve of stiffness or pain on the back after long-time riding.

The rear warning logo is a cool, practical design, which ensures that the rider gives adequate safety warnings while riding on a motorway.

In addition, according to the introduction of overseas market director, YADEA will launch G5’s double battery version, central motor version and takeaway-delivery purpose version to meet the needs of different markets and users. As YADEA’s mission is to provide consumers around the world with products of happiness, G5 not only delivers more excellent comfort and greater satisfaction to users, it also demonstrates to the world the users’ high requirements for life style and quality, which is larger connotation of happiness.

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