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YADEA Officially Released Graphene Battery


For a long time, the EV problems such as inadequate cruising range and slow charging have nagged the industry and consumers. How to solve the pain point of cruising range, increase the battery durability and improve the battery charging speed have become common issues the industry needs to address.

Now, YADEA has officially proposed a solution to the above pain points in the industry -- the graphene battery, which will be put into market in the near future. By then, consumers can choose graphene battery when they buy YADEA electric vehicles.

What are the advantages of YADEA graphene battery?

1. Graphene composite super conductive paste--long battery life

YADEA graphene battery uses graphene super conductive paste that features strong conductivity and fast heat transfer, and supports the charge and discharge of 20A current. At the same time, graphene reconstructs the microstructure of the electrode, which has good reversibility for repeated charging and discharging. The battery cycle life can reach over 1,000 times.

2. Fast charging for high current--80% per hour

Due to the super conductivity of graphene material and the patented structure design of low internal resistance, YADEA graphene battery supports the charging of 10A-20A current, and it can be charged to 80% in one hour (must use the special fast charger). Moreover, because the battery can withstand high current discharging, it can support the work of high-power motor, ensuring stronger power and faster speed for daily riding.

3. Larger capacity-- significantly improved cruising range

The graphene super-conductive paste in YADEA graphene battery has a higher energy density and greatly enhanced power storage capacity, increasing the maximum cruising capability by over 10% compared with ordinary batteries. Even in the low temperature environment, it can still maintain high intensity discharge capacity to meet the needs of cycling in the cold weather.

4. Advanced industrial battery alloy technologies--greatly improved corrosion resistance

The electrode grid of YADEA graphene battery adopts high-end industrial battery alloy technologies and is added with special rare earth elements, which is not only environment friendly, but also effectively inhibits matrix and grain boundary corrosion, greatly improving corrosion resistance.

5. Special high-temperature and deformation resistant ABS capsule

The battery shell is made of special nano-blend reinforced composite ABS material, with reliable high and low temperature resistance, stable performance, strong impact resistance and no leakage, which effectively extends the battery life, and also guarantees cycling safety.

6. Replaceable within the warranty period of 24 months

This time, YADEA not only launched the new graphene battery, but also provided a replacement service: if the battery is confirmed to have a quality problem after inspection within 24 months, the user can request an official replacement of a new one.

As a leading brand in China's EV industry, YADEA is committed to providing products that bring happiness to consumers’ life. Therefore, YADEA has applied itself to R&D and breakthroughs in the core technologies of electric vehicles, striving to solve the pain points of consumers’ demands. This launch of graphene battery shows that YADEA has formed a complete industrial chain layout in complete vehicle R&D and core electrical components, adding to more of its independent advantages. It will help promote the innovation and development of battery technologies in the industry, and enable YADEA to bring happier riding experience to more consumers. 

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